EG-018 sold online at has a full IUPAC name of naphthalen-1-yl(9-pentyl-9H-carbazol-3-yl)methanone which belongs to a class of synthetic cannabinoids research chemicals. EG-018 might be a potent cannabinoid agonist at the CB1 and CB2 receptors.

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EG-018 and all other synthetic cannabinoids sold on this website are intended for research and forensic applications buy EG-018. The research chemical is a designer drug with pronounced physiological and psychoactive effects and has the molecular formula C28H25NO. The formula weight has the value 391.5 g/mol.

The toxicological and physiological properties of  EG018 are not known. Synthetic cannabinoids like EG018 might display high affinity for peripheral CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors.

naphthalen-1-yl(9-pentyl-9H-carbazol-3-yl)methanone and all other designer drugs sold on this website are intended for research and forensic applications.

Please store this synthetic cannabinoid in a cool and dry place. Stability of the cannabinoid compound is up to 2 years under correct storage conditions.

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